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Working in a customer-centric organization today is about so much more than driving transactional revenues; it’s about building meaningful relationships. Leading authentic conversations with customers is the most authentic and effective way for teams to learn, and build advocacy. It’s how we grow revenues, kill churn, and build better products.

The role that Customer Success teams play at the front-lines is profound. But also really tough. Back-to-back meetings rob each day of our time, attention, and even accountability. Team leaders feel the pain and frustration, too, and seek greater visibility.

We built UpdateAI to solve the pains of back-to-back meetings so that you can focus on the part of your job that makes you brilliant at what you do. UpdateAI is simple. We’ve developed the 
world’s most accurate artificial intelligence for detecting follow-ups and next steps on customer calls.

Before, during, after, and long after each conversation with a customer, we are there. We help you capture and cultivate the key information you need to prevent churn, grow revenues, and build institutional knowledge.

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Magical, not manual action Item detection

Ensure that no meeting follow-up ever goes missed, while keeping your full focus on the conversation.

1-Click bookmarking
of key moments

No cognitive overload. No eye darting. One click is all it takes to highlight a key moment in the conversation.


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What does UpdateAI cost?

For a limited time during our launch, UpdateAI is 100% free (with no strings attached). The current version of our product will remain that way without restriction for initial, early access users. In the near future, we will be charging for team-based functionality and enhancements to the end-user experience.

Where can I use UpdateAI?

UpdateAI currently integrates into Zoom calls and is a member of the Zoom Apps marketplace. In the future, we will integrate into other video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

What is a Zoom App?

Zoom Apps are a new type of integration that allows you to bring the apps you love directly into your meetings to make them more engaging, productive, and fun. UpdateAI is a Zoom App dedicated to helping customer-facing teams stay more present in their conversations with customers and immediately follow up on tasks assigned during meetings. 

There are many meeting notetakers out there, why should I use UpdateAI?

We built UpdateAI differently from other notetaking apps and virtual meeting assistants. In fact, it might help us for SEO, but we don't really consider ourselves a notetaking application. The current version of our product is a stepping stone towards our complete vision of becoming the leading workflow platform to help teams who are in the business of building relationships with their customers. And to help them in their direct conversations with those customers.

For now, our mission as a company is to help you stay fully present in your video conferences and to do that by keeping things incredibly simple. That's why we spent an entire year building out the world's most advanced data science for automatically detecting action items assigned in meetings. We selected Zoom Apps as our launch partner -- so that the entire experience works seamlessly in your calls.

Lastly, that's why, in addition to automated action item detection, our application only has ONE clickable action -- a giant bookmark button to help you refer back to key moments. Press it in your periphery without darting eye contact.

How do I access my action items and meeting notes?

Instantly after your Zoom call, UpdateAI will send you your action items and meeting notes via email and Slack integration. Unlike other meeting assistants, it was important for us to make this end-to-end flow instantaneous. Studies show that the more time it takes to get to a task after it has initially been assigned, the lower the probability of that task being completed.

Is UpdateAI secure?

We take your privacy seriously. All meetings transcribed by UpdateAI are 100% private.
Do not hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have questions or concerns about our 
privacy policy or terms of use.

Never forget the next steps from a video conference

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"Update has been transformational in helping me capture action items and poignant aspects of customer conversations. Everyone in a customer-facing role would benefit from incorporating UpdateAI in their daily workflow."

Angelika O'Reilly

Head of Customer Success at SuccessHACKER

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About UsFAQBlog

UpdateAI is your meeting assistant concierge.
We hand deliver to you the key takeaways instantly in 
Slack or email.

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What users are saying about UpdateAI

"When I first started using UpdateAI, I was so impressed. Using UpdateAI feels like having a personal assistant."

Jordan Grossinger

Senior Customer Success Manager at Aircall

"Update allows me to stay completely present in my meetings. I don't need to focus on taking notes or anything else outside of what is happening with my customer."

Kaily Baskett

Director of Client Services & Revenue Growth at SlapFive

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(for individuals)

(for team leaders)

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